2021 GTO Engineering 250 GT SWB Revival


  •  3.5-liter 'Colombo' V12, 280 hp
  • Fully recreated SWB body with period-correct engine and drivetrain
  • Built by a world-renowned vintage Ferrari restoration company
  • Fully sanctioned for historic racing

Technical Data

Chassis No: 1563
Seller Type:
Private Party
New York City, New York, USA
1,358 Kilometers
3.5L V12
Vehicle Make / Model:
GTO Engineering 250 GT SWB Revival
280 hp
Transmission Model:
4-Speed Manual
Drive Orientation:


Offered for sale is this GTO Engineering 250 GT SWB Revival.

It’s usually difficult to call a vehicle worth seven digits a bargain. But there is no other way to describe the 250 GT SWB from GTO Engineering, especially when the original it's based on sells for around $7,000,000 USD on average. It’s not a replica, it’s not a restomod, it is a detailed recreation of the original GT, using in-period Ferrari chassis and mechanicals that aren’t worthy of restoring, and turning them into these well-thought-out tributes.

GTO Engineering isn’t some upstart in the game. Based in the United Kingdom, their work on classic Ferraris is respected and lauded worldwide. These Revival models are so faithful to the originals that they're allowed to participate in historic race series with no restrictions.

How they go about accomplishing this is a fascinating process. It’s not like there are a lot of old Ferraris just sitting around waiting to be pulled apart and recreated in this manner. But GTO Engineering takes Ferraris from the same era that are beyond saving,a d use them as donor cars for their builds. Usually that Ferrari is the 250 GTE, that rare model that can justify both the initial sacrifice, and the restoration price tag. 

There are those who wonder why these exist, but in the rarefied strata of classic Ferraris, they make perfect sense. The value of the original SWBs are many millions of dollars - and are older cars that require strict attention if regularly driven. The GTO Engineering Tribute feels very much like those cars, but has the benefit of being a fresh build, making them not only cheaper to buy, but also less costly to run. It's not just something for people who cannot afford the original, but also for people who have them, but want a car like that where they don't mind putting mileage on them.

Using Ferrari's Colombo engine, the example GTO Engineering installed in this Revival is a 3.5-liter, making over 300 hp, which is healthy for a car of the Tribute's weight of just over 2,100 pounds.

Using all the critical parts and pieces from the era ensures that the feel of the Revival is authentic. This Revival is perfect for actual use, a small sports car with refreshed and rebuilt Ferrari mechanicals and gorgeous lines that would genuinely satisfy anybody looking for the classic Italian sports car experience, at a price that, in context, is downright reasonable.

This example is a recreation of a Series One 250 SWB. It is using the drivetrain and mechanicals of a 250 Coupe GT Pininfarina as the basis for a hand-built, restored Ferrari with all-new bodywork, and period correct materials that would be appropriate on the real car. It is finished in black, with seats in red leather in a black interior.

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