Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to all your questions regarding auctions, buying, or selling a car.

General Questions

General questions about the auction on SBX Cars

What is SBX Cars?

SBX Cars is a premium online auction platform created by Supercar Blondie (SB). Since 2017, Supercar Blondie has specialized in finding and filming the world’s rarest cars, and has built a network of global collectors, dealers and car manufacturers. SBX Cars connects all these buyers and sellers from around the world on one platform. SB has more than 115 million followers and generates more than 2 billion views monthly across its social channels, which will help you find the right buyer for your car. You can buy and sell cars globally on SBX Cars.

How do I create a SBX Cars account?

Click here to create an SBX Cars account. You will be asked to provide your name, email address, phone number, and create a username of your choice. Once you have signed up, you can search current auction listings, save, and follow your favorite auctions. You can also participate in the comments section of any auction. If you would like to bid on a vehicle, you will have to create a Registered Bidders account.

Do I need an SBX Cars account?

You are welcome to browse our website without an account. However, if you wish to buy, sell, or comment, we ask that you join the SBX Cars Community and create an account here.

How do I register to bid?

You will have the opportunity to register to bid at the same time that you create an account. If you already have an account, you can either manually provide your bidding credentials directly in your profile or simply click Place A Bid on any live auction to be prompted to complete your registration. You will be prompted to provide a credit card, billing address, and phone number. After completing bidder registration, we invite you to participate in our live auctions.

What is the difference between an SBX Cars account and a registered bidder?

  • SBX Cars Member Accounts can save listings, comment on live auctions, and access SBX news and events.
  • Registered Bidders can arrange in-person inspections, and bid on live auctions.

I forgot my password.

Click the “sign in'' button at the top right corner of the page. When the sign-in window pops up, click “Forgot password?”. Enter the email address associated with your account. A recovery link will be sent where you can enter a new password. If you do not see this in your inbox within a few minutes, be sure to check your spam folder. This link expires in 24 hours. If you require further assistance, contact us here.

Are comments monitored or moderated?

Yes. SBX Cars monitors all interactions in the comment section. Personal attacks, bad language, repetitive arguments, and unnecessary off-topic commentary can be edited or deleted at SBX Cars’ discretion. Repeat offenders will be banned from SBX Cars.

Are there any import / export or VAT, sales taxes?

The buyer is usually responsible for transportation costs and any applicable sales, VAT or import taxes, depending on where you buy the car. Please check your country’s import/export restrictions, taxes, shipping costs, and insurance requirements before submitting an auction vehicle or bidding. If your country is missing from the list below, please search for your local government regulations online.

  • For USA please check here.

  • For EU please check here.

  • For UK please check here.

  • For Saudi Arabia please check here.

  • For United Arab Emirates check here.

  • For Switzerland check here.

  • For Japan check here.

  • For Canada check here.

  • For Australia check here.

  • For South Korea here.

Seller Questions

Learn everything you need to know as a seller on SBX Cars

Why should I sell with SBX Cars?

With more than 115 million followers, Supercar Blondie offers the world’s largest engaged automotive community. This ensures the maximum exposure for your listing is achieved, to find as many buyers as possible. This platform is the only digital auction platform to focus on the premium vehicle sector, meaning your car will only be placed alongside similarly exclusive cars.

How much does it cost to sell with SBX Cars?

SBX Cars provides 3 Sales packages:
Standard $250
Premium $950
White Glove call SBX
Visit our Sell Page to learn more

Who can sell on SBX Cars?

We accept listings from all over the world.

How do I submit my car for auction?

To submit your car for sale, go to the “Sell” link at the top of the page and select which package suits your needs. You’ll be asked to provide some basic details about the car. Please be sure to have the Year, Make, Model, VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and anything else we should know about your vehicle prepared before you begin the application process. Please include photos of the car, inside and out, and click “Submit.” Our auction team will get back to you after reviewing your submission.

Do I need to send my car anywhere after listing it on SBX Cars?

No, your car can stay where it currently is. If a buyer requests to view your car in person, a viewing can be arranged at a location convenient to you.

How can I help maximize my sale price?

1) High-quality images are essential to an online presentation. We recommend using our professional photography services.
2) Provide us with comprehensive, detailed, and transparent information about your vehicle, including invoices, service history, repairs and anything else a prospective buyer would want to know.
3) Be engaged with your auction by providing thoughtful responses in the comment section of your listing.

Can you help with photography?

Yes. Professional photos are a critical part of online sales. This is why we offer a professional photography service package. Please contact us if you have any questions or require help with our photography services. For a more detailed view on what photography we require, please follow the link to our photo guide.

Can I add a video to my listing?

Yes. We can use any YouTube links you supply as part of your SBX Cars auction presentation. Videos are considered a very effective sales tool for online sales. Prospective buyers will often request:

1) Exterior walk-around of the vehicle
2) Engine cold-start
3) Driving video depicting the interior, dash, and driving performance
4) Notable features in action (e.g., convertible top or active aerodynamics).

Who writes the auction description?

We do. Our team of professional writers will craft an auction description based on the information you provide on the the submission form. The more details you can provide, the better we can describe your vehicle. You will have the opportunity to request final adjustments before your listing goes live.

How do I contact SBX Cars about my auction listing?

Once you submit your listing, an SBX specialist will be in touch with you and will be your main point of contact from start to finish.

What’s an auction reserve?

Auction Reserve is the minimum price you will accept for the sale of your vehicle. You may lower your auction reserve at any time during the live auction. The reserve price is not public and only when a bid is made that meets or exceeds the reserve will the auction display change to: “Reserve Met”. If a car is offered at no reserve, the auction will display: “No Reserve”.

Can I set a reserve price on my auction?

Yes. During the submission process, you will be asked if you wish to sell your vehicle with or without a reserve price. If you are unsure, we can help determine a suitable auction reserve or advise if the car might benefit from a no reserve auction. No reserve listings will attract a higher number of bidders, because they know the car is guaranteed to sell.

Can I choose when my auction starts/finishes?

SBX Cars maintains a carefully curated auction calendar designed to maximize results for each auction. Upon listing approval, we will work with you to determine the best date and time slot for your car to go live. For the duration of the auction, you may need to respond to specific questions in the comment section about your vehicle. If possible, we recommend making yourself available during the close of the auction to instill bidder confidence through participation.

How long does an auction last?

SBX Cars hosts online auctions for 7 or 14 days, unless otherwise noted.

Can I edit my auction once it is live?

SBX Cars is not able to edit auctions once they go live on our platform. Once you are satisfied with the car’s presentation, we ask that you approve the listing through your user dashboard. Once live, if any part of the description prompts specific questions in the comments, you can answer/clarify those questions within the comments section.

How should I respond to comments/questions during the auction?

We recommend engaging positively with the SBX community. You can begin your sale by introducing yourself via comment to provide a little bio or background on the car. By being helpful and providing prompt and positive engagement, you can set the tone of the auction, which will translate to more confident bidders.

Once consigned, can I sell my car outside the SBX Cars platform?

Once you sign an SBX Cars “Seller’s Agreement” and agree to our Terms & Conditions, your vehicle is for sale exclusively through the SBX Cars auction platform. Any attempt to sell the vehicle off platform before or during the auction will result in a cancellation of the auction and account suspension. Please contact us if there are extenuating circumstances.

My car is sold, how do I get paid?

SBX Cars will connect the buyer and seller via email to arrange payment and finalize the sale. The winning Bidder and Seller will receive further instructions and an outline of the next steps. Wire transfers or cashier’s checks for payment are common methods of payment. However, it is at the sole discretion of the Buyer and Seller to coordinate the payment process.

What happens if the reserve is not met / the car does not sell?

In the event that reserve is not met, we will reach out to the highest bidder to facilitate a post-sale agreement.

How long do you keep past auctions available for review?

All previous auctions will remain permanently available to view.

Still have questions about selling?

Please get in touch with us by email.

Buyer Questions

Learn everything you need to know as a buyer on SBX Cars

Who can bid on SBX Cars?

Only Registered Bidders can bid on auction lots. SBX Cars can accommodate buyers from around the globe and accepts most recognized forms of currency. If you have a specific question about a country or payment method, please contact us. It is important to note that, as a potential buyer, you will be responsible for shipping logistics, taxes, and registration costs in your country or state.

How do I contact a seller privately for a scheduled inspection?

To contact a seller, you must first become a registered bidder. Once registered, you can contact the seller privately through the auction description page for the seller’s vehicle. Click the “Schedule Inspection” link next to the seller’s name to send a private message. It is against SBX terms to disclose the reserve at any time. Please ask any general questions regarding the car in the Comments section of the auction, which benefits the entire SBX Cars community.

What are your fees?

Our Buyer’s Fee, also known as a “Buyer’s Premium,” is 5% of the final sale price of the auction. Please note that fee caps do not apply, regardless of the sale price.

e.g., if you win an auction with a sale price of 1,000,000 USD, you will be responsible for paying 1,000,000 USD to the seller and an additional 5% fee based on the sale price to SBX Cars. In this example 5% of the winning bid would be 50,000 USD.

The Buyer’s fee will be automatically deducted from the payment method provided up to $50,000. If the calculated fee is more than $50,000, we will process the first $50,000 on the card and directly invoice you for the remaining balance. You will also have a choice to pay the full commission via our invoice instead of the credit card.

Before bidding, please contact your bank to make sure they are aware of any potential transactions from SBX Cars. This will help ensure your bank does not decline any activity, allowing you to place your bid successfully.

What are the minimum bidding increments?

The minimum bidding increments are:

$500 minimum increments to $100,000 USD
$1,000 minimum increments from $100,001 to $1,000,000 USD
$5,000 minimum increments after reaching the $1,000,000 USD threshold.
Bidders are welcome to create custom increments that exceed these figures.

Do you offer absentee (automatic) bidding?

Yes. We offer absentee bidding as an option. This is for those who might not be available for the close of an important auction. You will need to choose a starting bid, a bidding increment, and a maximum bid. Please note that entering a maximum bid threshold locks in that commitment, and once the maximum bid is chosen, it cannot be reduced.

How do I cancel my bid?

We cannot permit bid cancellations for any reason, so please confirm your offer is correct and you have everything you will require in place to complete the purchase.

How does the bidding process work?

When you bid on any auction we will place a payment hold of 5% of your total bid amount. If you win the auction, the hold is put towards the total of the buyer’s fee that you are responsible for. We place a hold to ensure that there is real intent to purchase behind every bid made on our platform. If the bidder does not win the auction, the hold is canceled and no charge is made.

If I do not win, when is the credit card hold released?

SBX Cars will immediately cancel and release all payment holds upon the conclusion of the auction. Typically, credit card companies release a hold in two to three business days. Some banks may take seven business days. The hold release will depend on your bank or financial institution. Please contact your card issuer directly with any questions about the timeline and process.

I’ve won the auction, what happens next?

Upon the close of a successful auction, we will process our fee to the buyer and connect the buyer and seller via email to finalize sale details. Please reach out to SBX Cars if you need assistance at any point during the process. Contact us.

What currencies does SBX Cars permit?

Our platform is designed to allow bidding in all major currencies. The currency used for each auction will be determined by the location of the car.


Buyers are invited to arrange their own preferred transportation method or contact us for help. Shipping arrangements and any associated costs are the sole responsibility of the buyer. We recommend insuring your vehicle prior to transport.

Does SBX Cars protect against sniper bids?

If we detect last-second bids, or “sniper bids”, SBX Cars will extend the bidding for two minutes. We want everyone to have an equal opportunity to make their best bid and win the vehicle.

Still have questions about buying?

Please get in touch with us.
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