1989 Isdera 036i



  • One of just seven examples produced by the exclusive German automaker
  • 3.6 liter inline six-cylinder, 276 hp
  • Full cosmetic and mechanical upgrades performed by Isdera
  • One owner vehicle titled in Germany

Technical Data

VIN: W09033212KWJ02011
Seller Type:
Private Party
Black/Metallic Silver
Cologne, Germany
60,200 Kilometers
3.6L Inline-Six
Vehicle Make / Model:
Isdera 036i
Transmission Model:
5-Speed Manual
Drive Orientation:


The name “Isdera” is an acronym of four words: I for “Ingenieurbuero” (German for engineering), S for Styling, D for Design, and R for Racing. Isdera was founded in 1982 by automotive designer Eberhard Schulz, who had earlier designed the 1969 Erator GTE and the 1978 Mercedes-Benz CW311 concept car. He had consistent success as a design engineer for Porsche, and had designed the Mercedes concept car in the hopes that it would see production.

When Mercedes declined to carry that through, Schulz took the design and created his company to produce it as the first Isdera, the Imperator 108i. Using a tubular steel space frame and a fiberglass body, it featured a Mercedes 5.0 liter V8, using whatever the latest iteration of that engine was as production went on.  Coupled with a five-speed manual, he made 30 examples of this first production car and established himself despite being a small and independent operation.

This is a 1989 Isdera 036i, one of just seven produced by the exclusive German automaker. It is finished in black with extensive silver trim, over a Dunkelblau blue leather interior.  It is powered by a 3.6 liter, inline six-cylinder engine producing 205 kW, running power to the rear wheels through a five-speed transaxle. This is a one owner vehicle, titled in Germany, and is in proper operating condition, ready for auction.

This 036i was originally constructed in 1989. It was black with a purple leather interior, sat on narrower 15 inch wheels, and originally was powered by Mercedes’ ubiquitous M103 3.0 liter inline six cylinder engine - making it, technically, a 030i if you adhered to contemporary nomenclature standards. It remained in its original configuration until July of 2011, when it was shipped back to the Isdera factory for a thorough mechanical and cosmetic upgrade package carried out by the manufacturer.

On the exterior, this included the addition of silver fender flares to accommodate wider 16” wheels and tires, with matching silver accents to the front and rear of the car. The interior and its Violet trim was removed and replaced with a Dunkelblau blue version, including the installation of Recaro Sportster seats for added support. For motivation, the M103 in-line six was replaced with an AMG variant of the M104 24-valve inline six cylinder engine, boosting power from 140 kW (190 hp) to 206 kW (276 hp).

The Isdera 036i is a singular and rare sports car with a noteworthy history. It’s also a classic example of sheer determination by one dedicated, self-taught automotive engineer, the kind of focused logician who decides that there is simply no good reason for his vision not to exist.

The 036i is a Spyder was designed as a modern interpretation of the 1950’s Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster, and like the 108i, uses Mercedes running gear as motivation. There are so many interesting details about the 036i that are seen in the photography, but the upgrade process is revealing about how Schulz does exactly what the established automakers do for improving their product, but on the smaller scale. When refining a mass production car, a company like Porsche takes the existing idea, refines it - then produces the next generation version of that model.

Schulz sees his product, envisions the improvements, then takes the existing car and refines and improves the idea. In lieu of big budgets, comes ingenuity and dedication.

The factory upgrades that were carried out in 2011 resulted in a significant improvement of the 036i’s performance ability - wider track, room for bigger tires for more grip, an engine swap that retained the essential characteristics of the previous motor, but added enough power to justify the chassis upgrades.

The result is this remarkable sports car, with chiseled design and true exclusivity, desirable both for its capability and rarity.

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