1995 Ferrari F355 Comp

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  • 3.5-liter naturally-aspirated V8, dyno-tested 433.9 hp at the crank
  • F355 GTB built as a Challenge tribute
  • Thorough invoice and photo documentation of history and maintenance included

Technical Data

VIN: ZFFPR41A4S0100433
Seller Type:
Private Party
Miami, Florida, USA
3.5 liter V8
Vehicle Make / Model:
Ferrari F355 Comp
Transmission Model:
6-Speed Manual
Drive Orientation:


While well-known for their street cars, racing has always been fundamental to the Ferrari brand. This modern example is a 1995 Ferrari F355 Berlinetta Coupe, VIN #00433. Originally a US-specification, street-legal production example, it is powered by a 3.5-liter, naturally-aspirated V8 producing 380 hp, running power to the rear wheels through a six-speed manual transmission. It is finished in Rosso Corsa with yellow Momo livery, with a Rosso Corsa metal interior and black fabric racing seats.

The story of this F355, and its path to becoming a race car, involves many trying moments, but in this case, that makes the end result even more rewarding. Following the chronology of events, the life of this F355 by date includes:

1995 - Car is purchased new at Wide World Ferrari, Spring Valley, NY, as a standard street-production car.

1996 - Car is stolen and stripped. Thieves removed the doors, interior, hood, wheels and tires. Car was recovered shortly thereafter.

March 1997 - Car was purchased by Kevin Ryan and Servizio, an independent Ferrari race shop, with the intention to build a race car to compete in the Speedvision Cup race series.

1997-2001 - More than $300,000.00 is invested in the project, including custom-made carbon-fiber doors and body panels, custom roll cage, MOTEC-programmable engine management system, custom exhaust, race interior, fuel cell, etc.

August 2001 - Ryan loses interest in the project, and directs Servizio to sell the car. The project is approximately 75% complete. Car is then purchased by Jeff Ippoliti.

2002 - Significant work is done to complete the race car project, including fabrication and addition of a carbon-fiber front splitter and rear wing, programming of the MOTEC system, addition of accelerometer, speed and air temp sensors, beacon, air pressure transducer, Penske 3 way adjustable racing shocks, solid motor mounts, new fire suppression system, rewire of chassis harness, new rear diffuser, and custom switch gear panel in cockpit.
Car suspension is lowered. Head gaskets and axel boots are replaced. New racing clutch and clutch bearings installed. Engine mapping and dyno testing performed, 433.9 hp at the engine.

This build was made to qualify the car for what was then the newly-created SpeedVision Challenge Series. The cable channel had purchased the rights to the SCCA's World Challenge Series, and rebranded it along with buying the rights to broacast it on their channel. The build for this Ferrari has extensive documentation, including photographs and most of the invoices and records of communication about the car's history.  

With around 11,300 examples produced, the street-going F355 was a critical and commercial success for Ferrari. While the upgraded cosmetic and mechanical specifications contributed to that, the F355 Challenge was a significant turnaround for the company's offering in the gentleman’s racer arena. The Ferrari Challenge Series was a massive hit in both the United States and Europe, as a single marque racing series that had a loyal fan base, and great competition drawn to the high visibility of the series. 

F355 Challenge cars ran the same engine and drivetrain as the street versions, with only minor modifications being allowed for increased power. One of the most musical engines even by Ferrari standards, turning up the volume of the 3.5-liter V8 with a freer-flowing exhaust added to the experience for both participants and spectators alike.

Besides the less restrictive exhaust, Challenge Series versions of the F355 from the introductory year had to be equipped with the mandatory safety and performance enhancement kit, installed by an authorized dealer. These kits, at a cost of $30,000, were assembled by Ferrari at the factory, and sent as a complete package to the authorized Ferrari dealer who would install them. This comprehensive kit included:

  • Upgraded 14″ Brembo brakes
  • 18″ Speedline magnesium wheels
  • Pirelli racing slicks
  • Competition springs with solid suspension bushings
  • Roll-cage
  • Racing bucket seats
  • Safety harnesses
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Engine cut-off switch
  • Competition steering wheel
  • Lightweight exhaust
  •  Competition clutch
  • Manual radiator fan control and upgraded fans
  • 18″ Speedline magnesium wheels
  • Pirelli racing slicks
  • Solid suspension bushings and competition springs
  • Front and Rear brake cooling ducts
  • Rear wing
  • Challenge black perforated rear grille

This Challenge spec F355 GTB follows these guidelines, along with the in-depth attention to detail carried out by Jeff Ippoliti to see the project through to completion.

For all the differences between the Challenge edition and the 'standard' F355 road car, the most important one was the car itself. The 348, which suffered from performance and drivability issues, warranted a thorough overhaul to create the F355. Particular attention was paid to not only increase power, but also afford better flexibility throughout the rev range, as the 348 developed a reputation for being problematic in warmer low-speed traffic conditions. Between a more sophisticated fuel management system and the addition of cylinder heads with five valves per cylinder for better breathing, the F355 was a much more civilized driving partner, even while being notably quicker. 

The increase in reliability helped the street cars significantly, but this was also the period through the 1990s that saw a rise in popularity of the Challenge races. As a support race for Formula 1, it garnered enough attention to attract teams – and drivers – with pro aspirations and ability. But gentleman racers with the means or support were allowed to participate as well, so that meade for a mix of talent on track at once that was thrilling to watch – and maybe a little too thrilling for some drivers.

With this example, the extensive documentation can be seen in the gallery, and shows a properly cared-for Ferrari race car handled by people who know the model. It’s a great chance to own a car that's suitable for both collection status or continued use for track days for the enthusiast.

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