2024 Tesla Cybertruck Founders Edition Cyberbeast

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  • Tri-Motor Beast specification, 834 hp
  • 850 miles covered

Technical Data

Chassis No: 7G2CEHEE0RA005466
Seller Type:
Private Party
Matte Black Vinyl Wrap
Vegan Leather and Alcantara
Metairie, Louisiana, USA
850 Miles
Tri-Motor Beast specification
Vehicle Make / Model:
Tesla Cybertruck Founders Edition Cyberbeast
834 hp
Drive Orientation:


Offered for sale is this 2024 Tesla Cybertruck Cyberbeast Foundation Series, with 850 miles covered, offered with no reserve on SBX Cars.

The Cybertruck has kept its promise of being the all-time leading disruptor in the pickup segment. Despite the fact that these are now available (in very limited numbers) to the general public, the debate and intensity of the opinions about them have not lessened in the slightest. It continues to be the most polarizing design available for sale in the world, while also being a leader in electric technology and development. 

On many levels its legitimacy cannot be denied, whatever the personal feelings may be. Now that they've actually made it to the streets, the effect is dramatic. On a recent Sunday in Los Angeles, when multiple examples of the Cybertruck parked in front of the Petersen Automotive Museum for the normally fun but visually sedate electric car show, not even the most jaded veteran of the Southern California car culture scene could quite believe their eyes. Even the most incredible automotive design can have a hard time creating a stir in that environment, but traffic slowed to a crawl as passersby gawked at the razor-edged convoy gathered on Fairfax Avenue. 

For the few uninitiated members of the population left unaware of Cybertruck, Tesla has managed to produce its long-promised stainless steel polygon on wheels, and here, in its most potent variation, earning the 'Cyberbeast' designation.

Eventually, there will be three models of the Cybertruck available, with an as-yet unreleased rear-wheel drive version with less power on the way - eventually. For now, the 'basic' Cybertruck is a dual-motor setup with 600 hp - which seems like plenty. But the top specification offered here is called the Cyberbeast. That means this truck has 834 hp, with three electric motors providing the motivation. When Car and Driver tested acceleration, they found it went from 0-60 mph in 2.6 seconds - easily the fastest truck they ever tested, and also beyond the ability of anything below the hypercar class.

For all of the chatter about the exterior, the Cyberbeast is still built by the company at the forefront of electric passenger car technology and development, and the specifications prove it. Along with the three-motor drivetrain, details like drive-by-wire steering and four-wheel steer make this an incredibly easy truck to drive, despite its size. The exterior is visually dramatic, but primary features include the stainless steel exoskeleton, LED lighting front and rear, an electric retractable tonneau cover, four-wheel steering system and 20-inch wheels, a panoramic glass roof, heated and ventilated front seats, an 18.5-inch Infinity center touchscreen surrounded by an Alcantara dash, and a 9.4-inch rear touchscreen.

The Cyberbeast specification means the buyer gets extra equipment, but some features require patience. The light bar that's listed as standard, and is usually one of the first options asked about by potential buyers, doesn't actually come installed - because not every state automatically approves of them, the owner has to bring the truck to a Tesla service center to have the bar installed. Fortunately, all Foundation Series Cyberbeast do come with Full Self Driving software included.

As a final extra, this Cyberbeast was treated in the beginning of May with a full Matte Black vinyl wrap, to protect the stainless steel body, and create even more of a stir.

This 850-mile example of the Cyberbeast is in excellent condition inside and out, and is yet another rare opportunity offered on SBX Cars to own the top specification of the ultimate rolling debate machine.

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Auction ends: 15 May 5 PM
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Location: Metairie, Louisiana, USA
Seller: Carcollector81
Sold for US$170,000
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