2023 Hyperion XP-1 Prototype


  • Hyperion 'Final Design Master' prototype vehicle
  • Fully functioning feartures, and drivable for show vehicle transport
  • Finished in satin titanium with sky blue, space black, and carbon fiber accents.
  • Auction winner receives exclusive invitation to customize/own a limited-edition version of the XP-1 hypercar

Technical Data

VIN: XP/12
Seller Type:
Private Party
Orange, California, USA
Vehicle Make / Model:
Hyperion XP-1 Prototype
Drive Orientation:


Introducing the Hyperion XP-1™ Prototype from Hyperion Motors, a hydrogen company in Southern California that works with NASA to commercialize space technology for the road. This ultra-rare prototype is 1 of 7 development vehicles representing the “Final Design Master”. Its precision exterior and interior surfaces serve as the basis for the XP-1 hydrogen hypercar production vehicle. It is fitted with electric propulsion and is drivable as a show car. It is finished in a satin titanium silver with sky blue exterior accents, adjustable aerodynamic air blades, 360-degree panoramic cockpit, and a silver, black, carbon, and midnight blue leather interior.

As an SBX Cars™ exclusive, the buyer of this prototype will receive a special invitation to customize and own a special edition, high-performance limited production run of the Hyperion XP-1™. That auction winner may choose to trade in the prototype at the value of the final auction price towards the special edition high-performance vehicle or retain ownership for collector display with the option to purchase the limited series vehicle. So, whether you want a one-of-a-kind collector car or a fully race-worthy hydrogen hypercar, you’ll be on the inside track with SBX’s exclusive auction of the XP-1.

The XP-1 represents a significant leap forward in personal transportation as the automotive world stands at the precipice of environmental sustainability. Amidst a market oscillating between troublesome batteries and pollutive gasoline, the XP-1’s hydrogen powerplant stands out for its technology and sustainability—boasting prodigious power with zero emissions beyond water vapor.

Production variants will deliver approximately 2,038 horsepower, with top speeds in excess of 221 mph (356 km/h) and launch to 60 mph (100 km/h) in under 2.25 seconds. XP-1 hydrogen refueling occurs in just five minutes and auction winners can choose to refuel at home with a Hyperion Home Charger™ for an additional cost. Buyers may customize fuel storage with a minimum range of 504 miles and a maximum range of 1,016 miles. 

Beyond its performance, the XP-1’s design marries futuristic and functional with adjustable solar air blades, which define the vehicle silhouette, and control aerodynamic downforce for speed and stability.

Seize the unparalleled opportunity to own a piece of the vanguard in automotive innovation with the Hyperion XP-1™ Prototype. This acquisition is more than an asset; it is an exciting piece of automotive history representing a tidal shift away from gasoline and batteries, towards the zero-emissions, uncompromising power of hydrogen - offered exclusively through SBX Cars™.

Note: Both the interior and exterior are in excellent condition, with minor flaws. This is a prototype vehicle and should be professionally transported between auto shows, museums, race events, or special galas. It will make an incredible addition to any high-end vehicle collection with a focus on the futuristic, rare, or inspiring hypercars.

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