2023 Aspark Owl


  • 1,953 hp (1,980 PS) from four hub-mounted electric motors
  • Top speed: 257 mph (413km/h), Battery range 249 miles
  • Two electric car speed records confirmed by Guinness Book of World Records

Technical Data

VIN: TB910ESACP8002002
Seller Type:
Private Party
Double Wishbone
Turin, Piedmont, Italy
4 Electric Motors
Carbon Ceramic
Vehicle Make / Model:
Aspark Owl
1,953 hp (1,456 kW)
Drive Orientation:


The Aspark Owl is the newcomer that’s a heavy player in the emerging electric 'hypercar' category. It’s always a great spectator sport watching auto manufacturers attempt to outperform each other, the added dimension of choosing different methods of propulsion makes it feel like the best 3D chess game you’ve ever witnessed live. 

While they’ve been making serious waves with their supercar, you’d be forgiven for not being up to date on Aspark, their history, or their aspirations. But back in 2017, they announced their intentions to build a true electric hypercar by showing the concept illustrations to the public. And, by 2019, they had made good on their promise, and arrived at the Dubai International Auto Show with a fully functional and completed example of the Owl on display. Many companies have announced similar objectives in that timespan, and very well may be on the way to achieving them. But the Owl is notable for its existence, especially when other companies have nothing but promises and vaporware to show for their genuine efforts.

It’s worth mentioning the backstory to flesh out the reasons why Aspark managed to succeed where others haven’t. Aspark was formed in 2005, founded by Masanori Yoshida, and has specialized in engineering services for the automotive industry, as well as related concerns like electronics and design. That experience is what they drew on when they began work on producing their own car in-house. 

Aspark chose, in many ways, the simplest and currently most likely popular method of propulsion - pure electric, with no dilution. The level of seriousness that Aspark brings to the table is emphasized by the specification - 1,953hp, all-wheel drive using the four hub-mounted motors, and full carbon-fiber chassis and bodywork.

The results speak for themselves - 0-60 mph reported as under two seconds, top speed of 257 mph (413km/h). These are the claims, of course, and most enthusiasts tend not to take manufacturers - particularly new ones - at their word. Aspark understood this, which is one of the main reasons why they had the Guinness Book of World Records come to witness timed acceleration and speed runs. Also under the watchful eye of the UK Timing Association, the Aspark Owl was brought to Elvington Airfield in Yorkshire to certify the claims. The results speak for themselves, and the commitment is further underlined by the two official Guinness Book of World Record titles that it currently holds, for highest average speed over both the ⅛ and ¼ mile for an electric car.

As the first version of the Owl, this example does have some mild cosmetic flaws, but presents well. Aspark also completed a full mechanical inspection and upgrade to prepare it for the auction. This is no rough mock up, but a fully realized hypercar that can be street driven.


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