1988 Ferrari Testarossa

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  • The most iconic Ferrari of its era, showing 33,037 miles during cataloging
  • Major service as of Spring 2024, surpassing $37k in receipts
  • Upgraded with 18” Michelin tires, Modena Engineering Limited Slip Differential
  • Accompanied by tool roll, jack, manual, and clean CARFAX report

Technical Data

VIN: ZFFSG17A1J0075284
Seller Type:
Rosso Corsa
Tan Leather
Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA
33,037 Miles
4.9L V12 F
Vehicle Make / Model:
Ferrari Testarossa
Transmission Model:
Drive Orientation:



Offered for sale on SBX Cars is this 1988 Ferrari Testarossa, appropriately clad in Rosso Corsa over a two-tone tan interior, and showing 33,037 miles at the time of cataloging.



If one was to pinpoint the quintessential Italian supercar, the 1988 Ferrari Testarossa would exist at the top of the list. Powered by a 4.9-litre flat-twelve powerplant with painted red valve covers (a nod to the historic Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa’s engine), this car defined the era with its mid-engine format and signature side air intakes. Debuting at a private dealer luncheon before its public unveiling at the 1984 Paris Auto Show, the Testarossa was the first Ferrari designed to pass American emissions standards, making a twelve-cylinder model available for the US market once again. This was in part to cut out the grey market for 512 BB examples, making the newest prancing horse a truly global car.

Though a major advancement for the period, the Ferrari Testarossa’s center-mount wheels with Michelin TRX tires have since become a sticking point for today’s collectors. Difficult to source with their metric-only sizes, Michelin ceased production of rear tires for the Testarossa. Thankfully, a previous owner of this Testarossa has sourced 18” single-bolt wheels to be fitted to this Ferrari, allowing for a wider range of tire options, including radials. This Ferrari is suitably clad in Michelin Pilot Super Sports, blending modern technology with a tasteful look.



Even for casual Ferrari fans, the Testarossa presents as sculpture in motion. With its signature side strakes channeling air into its 4.9-litre, dry sump, flat-twelve powerplant, this is a format that Ferrari is unlikely to ever repeat. As a model destined for the American market, this 1988 Testarossa produced 380 horsepower from its Tipo 113 040 engine, and was treated with Bosch KE-Jetronic fuel injection. Produced in the middle of the model run, this Testarossa balances usability upgrades (two wing mirrors instead of the earlier monospecchio), with the classic appearance of the original car (later models adopted the front fascia of the Ferrari 348). 

Finished at the Ferrari factory in November of 1987, this Testarossa was destined for export. First registered in Idaho in April, 1988, this Ferrari was subsequently titled in Florida in 1991 and California in 1999, where it received service from the well-regarded Los Gatos Luxury Cars dealership in 2003. Sold to a Las Vegas-based collector in 2006, this Ferrari was regularly tested for emissions from 1999 to 2010 in both California and Nevada, failing only once in 1999, and subsequently passing the same day after what must have been a quick fix. 

After this Testarossa moved to Florida in early 2015, its documentation becomes extensive. Receipts indicate a full engine-out service was performed on 4 March, 2015, including rebuilding the water pump, measuring and adjusting the valves, replacing the timing belts and tensioners, replacing and bleeding the clutch, and swapping the stock differential for a Modena Engineering Limited Slip, a desirable upgrade.

A full fluid replacement and brake service followed in April, 2016 as the Testarossa transferred locations to the New York region. By the time the next receipt was generated, in May, 2017, the Testarossa had been equipped with the 18-inch, single-bolt wheels, as the invoice from the New York City-based specialists Steven and Francine Seruya includes a fresh set of front and rear Michelin Pilot Sport tires. A replacement steering rack was also installed during this service, a difficult job. Two years later, in August, 2019, the Testarossa returned to the Seruya’s shop on 36th St. in NYC, receiving a new alternator, brake pads and master cylinder, as well as had its air conditioning converted to modern 134A refrigerant. A far more detailed list of maintenance items are included with the documentation accompanying this sale.



Without a doubt, the most important factor for any Ferrari purchase is how recently the car has been serviced. Adding to the extensive receipts from the previous decade, the current consignor underwrote another engine-out service in May, 2024 just over nine years after the previous one. The price tag for such an extensive service has increased significantly in that time, with the total for the recent comprehensive overhaul amounting to $37,356.

So, too, has the detail included in modern invoices. European marque experts Black Horse Garage of Bridgeport Conneticuit completed the major service, which encompassed a water pump replacement, refreshing the ignition and timing systems, a valve and camshaft service, and a full leak-down test. Photographs and the comprehensive service receipts are included.



Without a doubt, this 1988 Ferrari Testarossa has been maintained to a very high standard. While finding a Ferrari from this era may be easy, finding an example with such a well-documented list of prior maintenance is extremely uncommon. For those who wish to experience the quintessential 1980s Ferrari, brought tastefully into the modern era with faithful service and valuable upgrades, this Testarossa is worthy of your serious consideration.


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