1983 Land Rover Defender 110 6x6 Double Cab


  • Offered directly from the manufacturer, perhaps the most extreme Defender in existence
  • The first of only twelve to be handbuilt by the New Hampshire-based brand
  • Equipped with a 6.2-liter Chevrolet LS3 engine producing 480 horsepower
  • Fitted with Fox 2.0 Piggyback shocks, Wilwood disc brakes, and a front-mounted Warn winch

Technical Data

Seller Type:
Private Party
Aston Martin Xenon Grey
Saddle Tan/Black Leather
Santa Barbara, California, USA
1,500 Miles
6.2-liter Chevrolet LS3
Vehicle Make / Model:
Land Rover Defender 110 6x6 Double Cab
Transmission Model:
6-Speed Automatic
Drive Orientation:


Some vehicles tout their off-road abilities with a set of colorful decals or aftermarket spacers. By contrast, the Land Rover Defender 6x6 by Manz Motor Company needs no sticker kit to declare its capabilities – its six tires immediately announce even to the uninitiated that this is no ordinary sport utility vehicle. 

Bearing the surname of the father-and-son team from New Hampshire who conceived it, the Manz Motor Company was founded by David and Cole Manz with the aim of elevating the already legendary Land Rover Defender to new levels of refinement and performance. No detail is too complex to re-engineer, with David Manz dedicating extra attention to the electronics, checking and certifying the wiring loom, one line at a time. All exterior fittings have been secured with tamper-proof Torx bolts and the aging Land Rover powertrains replaced with stout engines from Chevrolet and Cummins. Each build takes six months to complete.

Having launched during and subsequently survived the global pandemic, Manz is now dedicated to increasing their production and even counts insurance tycoon McKeel Hagerty as one of their happy customers. After seeing one of the Manz show cars at the Greenwich Concours, Hagerty commissioned a custom build, and now reportedly uses his Hagerty Defender 110 as a daily driver in Traverse City, Michigan. 

This 6x6, though, is intended to be a special project from new, the first of only twelve ever built. Even for a company as thorough as Manz, making a 6x6 is a huge undertaking. Beginning with a 1983 Defender 110, the Manz team first extended the wheelbase, repurposing the original tub to create a vehicle measuring 21 feet in length. Limited slip differentials have been upgraded to accommodate the extra weight, as well as the transfer case and axle shafts. Six Fox 2.0 Piggyback shocks with external reservoirs help cushion the impact of on-trail obstacles as well as practically erasing everyday potholes. Six Wilwood disc brakes are fitted to each wheel, sporting six-piston calipers in the front wheels and four-piston calipers in the rear. A two-inch lift from a standard Defender completes the aggressive look without extending into monster truck territory.

Under the carbon-fiber hood, Manz offers a choice of motors. Befitting its top-of-the-range status, this Defender 6x6 is fitted with the highest capacity option: a 6.2-liter Corvette LS3 V8 engine, producing 480 horsepower. Not only is this engine serviceable in dealerships across the country, it carries with it a 50,000-mile warranty. Extending the 6x6’s adventuring possibilities, a full-sized spare wheel is mounted off the rear bumper to a S/O carrier, and a Warn winch is mounted on the front. 

An equal focus was paid to interior refinements. The basic Defender cabin had been trimmed in Alcantara and woven leather thanks to a high-end upholstery shop in New York, with a pair of heated bucket seats in front. The upgraded wiring loom from David Manz has allowed for a double-DIN radio system, controlled by a Alpine 7-inch TFT screen with JL AudioSound, allowing for a choice of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. A push-button transmission selector has been installed in the center armrest for comfortable cruising. All of these upgrades culminate in on-road manners that are extremely refined given this 6x6’s imposing appearance. A representative for the seller reports that driving this ultimate Defender is surprisingly easy to drive on the roads – and perhaps unsurprisingly an attention magnet for onlookers. 

What you are purchasing with this Manz Defender is not a mere resto-mod, but instead effectively an investment in a promising new off-road brand. Reputation is understandably important to Manz – they are a sufficiently small company that if your purchase requires specialized service, a member of the family will fly out to fix your car. Along those lines, this 6x6 will be sold with 1,500 testing miles, ensuring maximum quality upon delivery.  

It is perhaps no wonder that the Manz 6x6 is at home on rough roads – the fact that it is equally adept on the roads of both Beverly Hills and Dubai is an astounding achievement. Offered directly from Manz Motor Company, this custom-built Land Rover Defender offers the opportunity to acquire the ultimate version of a venerable utility vehicle, the first of a mere twelve ever to be built. Exclusivity and capability in equal parts. Manz 6x6 is located in Santa Barbara, CA.

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