1966 Ferrari 330 GTC



  • One of 600 examples built in total
  • US specification, matching-numbers example
  • 4.0 liter “Colombo” V12, 299 hp
  • Odometer shows 4,380 miles

Technical Data

Chassis No: 10293
Seller Type:
Private Party
Riedering, Germany
4,380 Miles Shown - TMU
4.0L V12
Vehicle Make / Model:
Ferrari 330 GTC
299 hp
Transmission Model:
5-Speed Manual
Drive Orientation:


Between the color scheme and the shape, it’s hard to top this GTC Coupe for representing peak 60’s era aesthetic for Italian GT cars. A beautiful Pininfarina design that takes its cues from the 500 Superfast, it is a classic variation on the upscale GT transcontinental express. 

Like so many Ferraris of the era, however, it began its life shipped to the United States, home to a large portion of wonderful upscale cars from Europe. Even as it was sold to different owners,  it consistently resided in the southern portion of that country from coast to coast - sheltered in California, Texas and Florida, it always existed in temperate climates and remained in good shape for the duration.

In recent years, it has also become a trend to secure these great European cars from the United States and ship them back home - or at least, back to near the home continent. The favorable weather all along the southern stretch of the U.S. means cars from all categories have often endured in far better condition than they would anywhere else in the world - so even assuming a restoration might be in order, the basic structure is free from the corrosion and decay that makes bringing them back to original condition a much more arduous process.

This particular 330 GTC wound up in South America in a collection after its life in the U.S., before settling in at the selling dealer in Germany - another temperate climate, but an area not as well known for sourcing 60’s Ferraris.

But as modern cars lose any sense of an analog and direct experience, the search for the remaining examples will comb every corner of the earth for a car like this GTC.

This example is finished in Giallo over a brown leather interior. It is powered by a 4.0 liter “Colombo” V12 engine, running power to the rear wheels through a five speed manual transmission, and shows 4,380 miles (about 7,049 km) on the odometer.

This is a matching numbers example of a classic Pininfarina designed Ferrari coupe, replete with the eggcrate grill and dramatic rising front fenders often seen on the best coupes from the 60’s Ferraris. 1966 was the first year of production for the 330 GTC, based on an updated version of the 275 GTB/4’s chassis,  and it used the Tipo 209/766 V12 engine for motivation, along with four wheel disc brakes and a fully independent suspension front and rear. 

This example was originally a US specification car, delivered to the United States, and was one of 600 examples built in total. Previous owners are reported to have been located in Texas, Florida and California. Records indicate a quality restoration performed in California, before being sold to a South American collector in 2002. In 2021 the GTC was brought to Germany, where a major service and inspection was performed, along with the installation of fresh, type-correct Michelin XWX tires on the optional Borrani wire wheels.

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