2020 McLaren Speedtail


  • One-of-one bespoke specification for Bruce Canepa
  • The last Speedtail out of 106 produced
  • Finished in Canepa Rootbeer Brown Metallic over Nubuck Tobacco leather interior
  • Odometer shows only 421 original miles

Technical Data

VIN: SBM23GDG1LW403042
Seller Type:
Private Party
Root Beer Brown
Scotts Valley, California, USA
421 Miles
4.0L Twin-Turbo V8
Vehicle Make / Model:
McLaren Speedtail
1035 hp
Transmission Model:
7-Speed Automatic


This is a 2020 McLaren Speedtail, finished in Canepa Rootbeer Brown Metallic over a Nubuck Tobacco leather interior. It is powered by a hybrid 4.0 liter, twin-turbocharged V8 engine, assisted by an axle-mounted permanent magnet electric motor, running to the rear wheels through a seven speed dual clutch automated transmission. This McLaren is a one-owner example, with only 421 original miles, and was the last Speedtail out of the 106 made for the entire production run.

This Speedtail is still in the possession of the original owner, Bruce Canepa, who worked with McLaren to produce this bespoke specification. 

From an enthusiasts perspective, a sports car with the history of this 2020 McLaren Speedtail is as special as it gets. Every aspect of its creation and pedigree means it carves out a special place by any normal metric, even by exclusive supercar standards.

Seeing as only 106 Speedtails were produced, it’s clear that McLaren meant for only a select few customers to consider purchasing one. It’s also true that the incredible flowing form of the Speedtail, while beautiful, is serious in intent. McLaren aimed to make this car the most aerodynamic shape ever offered for production, resulting in the fastest car they had ever made. While the chassis is McLaren’s usual carbon fiber monocoque construction, it’s the length of the Speedtail that grabs attention, and the striking flowing silhouette is what gives the Speedtail its aerodynamic advantage at speed. Air management, particularly with the long tail, is what allows this to be the fastest McLaren ever built. 

As a signature supercar, it became a natural focus point for Bruce Canepa, the original and current owner of this Speedtail. Mr. Canepa has an impressive racing resume, with extensive experience in multiple series including IMSA, Trans Am, GTP, and signature events like the 24 Hours Of Daytona. But in addition to that, he is well known and highly admired for the work produced by his facility in Scotts Valley, California, where he services and restores enthusiast-oriented cars and trucks - and particularly for the upgrades he makes to Porsche’s 959, a car that many thought needed no improvement - until Canepa’s work was experienced.

For somebody with his background and knowledge, the Speedtail he ordered is particularly special. While all 106 Speedtails were special order, Mr. Canepa’s has a few special details that still set it apart.

The exterior finish of Rootbeer Brown Metallic goes beyond being a standard paint to sample color. It was a shade of brown that Canepa’s team created themselves at their facility, producing a few different variations before settling on this shade. In addition to the body color, Canepa’s group also created the Magnesium Graphite coating for the wheels. Many of the details on the exterior are made of small weave carbon, which was introduced midway through Speedtail production, and only installed when specified, making it a rare option. Exterior carbon accent trims include: the spoiler, headlight surrounds, air intake openings, cowl, roof structure, side skirts, rear fascia, undertrays, were all executed in small weave carbon. 

In the interior, the center driving position, with a passenger seat on each side, is the most direct link to the original McLaren F1 supercar. The interior uses Nubuck Italian leather in place of the standard materials used for Speedtails, with the Tobacco/brown colorway again being custom to Canepa’s specification. The extensive use of capacitive-touch screens for most of the Speedtail’s interior controls dominate the instrument panel, and add to the clean presentation with a minimum of fuss.

With mileage still sitting under the recommended break-in procedure for a new car, this is a special example of a special car - incredible mechanical specification, thoughtful and careful attention to the details in every aspect of the build, and coming from a highly respected member of the motoring and racing community as the original owner.

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