2024 KTM X-Bow GT-XR


  • Audi 2.5 liter turbocharged inline five cylinder engine, 493 hp
  • Approved for street use in EU countries
  • 960 km (about 596 mi) covered

Technical Data

Seller Type:
Private Party
British Racing Green
Black Alcantara
Kematen, Austria
960 Kilometers
2.5 liter turbocharged inline five cylinder
Vehicle Make / Model:
Transmission Model:
7-speed dual clutch automated transmission
Drive Orientation:


Offered for sale is this 2024 KTM X-Bow GT-XR, production number 16. 

From KTM’s web site comes this mission statement - “We have been inspired by the former motorsport history in England when configuring our GT-XR as one of the very first in Austria. The paint in visible carbon we have chosen accordingly in Verde British Racing Green. Perfectly matched to this, with yellow stitching, yellow brake calipers, yellow shock absorbers and gold forged wheels with center lock. Our configuration is just like the car itself, an absolute individual.”

Specs for this XR-GT include:

  • 3.4 seconds 0-62 mph
  • 2.5 TFSI turbocharged 5-Cylinder engine
  • Rear-wheel drive
  • 7-speed dual-clutch automated transmission
  • Verde British Racing Green carbon fiber
  • Alcantara upholstery in black

Options include: 

  • 20/21 inch GT2 design forged wheels with center lock
  • Bluetooth hands free telephony
  • Yellow brake calipers
  • Yellow suspension springs
  • GT2 sport exhaust system
  • Yellow contrast stitching
  • KTM 3D Logo Exterior Carbon
  • KTM 3D Logo Interior Yellow
  • Visible carbon individual color finish
  • Titanium Hub Black

KTM is an enthusiast company, and well known for producing exciting machines. While their motorcycle line is where most people are aware of them, in Europe they have been producing incredible track-focused machines for a while. Their X-bow line have a long history of being a relatively affordable lightweight Goliath killer, aptly named as they were mostly an X-chassis with the bare minimum of equipment attached to it as possible, to make it reasonably accommodating for two brave souls to fling themselves through hill and dale with a minimum of fuss (and weight). Most of the years involved the application of the best lightweight and tunable Audi motor they could appropriate for more adventurous use than the sedans and wagons they were intended for, various versions of the evergreen 1.8 T and 2.0 T turbo four cylinder engines that were more than up to the job.

The GT-XR variant of the X-Bow, featured here, is a fair bit more serious than those early X-fighters, both in power, appearance and intent. While the earliest X-Bows regarded bodywork as fairly unnecessary and usually left behind, the GT-XR features carbon fiber panels with green tinted weave that’s beautiful beyond its beneficial aerodynamic properties - art for art’s sake not being what you’re accustomed to seeing on KTM’s engineering-driven products. 

But again, the beauty doesn’t mean the GT-XR strays even a bit from its intended mission. The lightweight carbon fiber chassis means the 493 hp turbocharged inline five cylinder engine supplied by Audi has an easier job than any other application it would normally be used for - even the relatively lightweight TT-RS, at roughly 3100 pounds, outweighs the GT-XR by over 600 pounds. 

Along with substantial running gear and lightweight forged alloy wheels, the XR-GT is a serious machine, street legal but eminently track capable, and worth consideration for anybody committed to the art and science of the Quick Drive.

This XR-GT is finished in Verde British Racing Green tinted carbon fiber paneling, with yellow accents, over a black interior with matching yellow accents. It is powered by an Audi based 2.5 liter 5 cylinder engine, producing 493 hp, running power to the rear wheels through a 7-speed dual clutch automated transmission. 

This X-bow GT-XR has covered 960 km (about 596 mi), is located in Austria, and approved for street use in Europe. As always, check local regulations for approval.

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