2021 Lamborghini Sián Coupe


  • 6.5 liter V12 with transaxle mounted electric supercapacitor
  • 774 hp/808hp with full electric assistance
  • 1 of only 63 Sián Coupes produced
  • Canadian compliance spec with 271 km (about 169 mi) covered

Technical Data

Seller Type:
Private Party
Bianco Canopus
Montreal, Canada
271 Kilometers
6.5L V12
Vehicle Make / Model:
Lamborghini Sián Coupe
774 hp
Transmission Model:
7-Speed Automatic
Drive Orientation:


Flagship Lamborghini supercars have always exuded an appeal unlike the offerings of any other manufacturer. Advanced in terms of powertrains, engine configurations, and exterior aesthetics, the top-of-the-line sports          cars bestowed with a Lamborghini badge are inarguably outspoken and uncompromising.

Perhaps the lineage of ultra-exclusive Lamborghini models traces back to the Miura Jota, or the first Countach LP 500 prototype, but in the modern era, it is likely the fighter plane-inspired Reventón that reinvigorated this practice most recently in 2007. Effectively providing a preview of the next-generation of Lamborghini, the Reventón was based on the outgoing Murcielago, and foreshadowed the oncoming Aventador in terms of aesthetics. Lamborghini was quick to replicate this practice with the Veneno, Sesto Elemento, and Sian. Today, after the launch of the next-generation Revuelto, collectors have returned to these special edition models as appreciating assets, uncommon prizes for connoisseurs.

Named for an electrical storm, hinting at the modern drivetrain concealed within, ‘Sián’ is originally a Bolognese word. Shortly after the debut of this new special edition Lamborghini, an equally imposing force, Ferdinand Piëch, the figurehead of the VW group, died. Recognizing the passing of one of the most significant leaders in modern automotive history, the Lamborghini group added a surname to their new halo model, christening it with the formal title of Sián FKP 37, in recognition of Ferdinand Karl Piëch and his birth year of 1937.

Tradition was again referenced in the production number of the Sián coupé, with only 63 made in total, reflecting the first year Lamborghini began producing automobiles in Sant'Agata Bolognese.

Apart from those history-focused details, however, the Sián was crafted completely towards the modern era. Powered by Lamborghini’s first hybrid drive system, the Sián utilized the Aventador SVJ-specification V12 producing 774 hp and augmented by a supercapacitor adding 34 horsepower when fully charged, for 808 horsepower at peak. Using the Aventador as the basis, the Sian added an electric motor and a supercapacitor. This mild hybrid system uses a combination of the 6.5-liter V12 engine - which in this case produces 770 hp (574 kW) -along with a 48-volt electric motor producing an additional 34 hp (25kW), which is located inside the 7-speed automated manual transmission. Energy from the regenerative braking system is stored in a supercapacitor, which is lighter than a traditional lithium-ion battery, and also charges more rapidly. This makes for an exciting addition to a supercar, where the extra power provided can be restored as quickly as it can be depleted. The smaller size of the supercapacitor compared to an electric motor is advantageous as well, avoiding packaging constraints as well as reducing added weight.

While the Sian makes use of the Aventador’s chassis and engine specification, it manages to look dramatically different, while retaining many Lamborghini design cues. As a nod towards the future, the Sian is a peak at where Lamborghini is going—while definitely making a great case for itself as a top tier supercar on its ability alone.

While the Veneno was the purest expression of the traditional Lamborghini supercar standard, it was the Sian that looked towards the future. This Sián Coupe is one of only 63 produced in total, in Canadian compliance specification, with 271 km (about 169 mi) covered.



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