2020 Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster



  • 6.5 liter naturally-aspirated V12, 730 hp
  • Seven-speed automated single-clutch transmission
  • Permanent all-wheel drive with rear bias
  • Finished in Olive Green over a black interior

Technical Data

Seller Type:
Matte Olive Green
Weitersberg, Germany
10,610 Kilometers
6.5L V12
Vehicle Make / Model:
Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster
730 hp
Transmission Model:
7-Speed Automatic
Drive Orientation:


Offered for sale is this 2020 Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster. It is finished in a matte olive green, a custom color selected via Lamborghini's AD Personam program. The interior is finished in black leather with orange trim, and the removable two-piece top is constructed from carbon fiber. The S is powered by a 730-hp 6.5-liter V12 engine, which sends power to all four wheels through a seven-speed, automated single-clutch transmission. 

In 2024, fans of the supercar have recently witnessed radical changes in the approach to achieving ultimate speed. Over the span of an entire century, horsepower has seen a steady increase, but the means of motivation was the constant - the internal combustion engine. V8, V12, V16, W16, turbos and superchargers, there were constant variations on the theme, but the backbeat remained the same - petroleum power, and lots of it. The Aventador represents the simple approach to speed - big V12, no turbos, and covered with sleek flowing lines, the time-honored Lamborghini approach to the supercar genre that they created with the Miura and the Countach.

But in the modern supercar era, the importance of Audi's purchase of Lamborghini cannot be emphasized enough. The first ground-up model to come to market under the new partnership was the Murcielago, beating the smaller entry level Gallardo to market by over a year. While the Gallardo had to share a platform with the Audi R8 to allow its existence, the Aventador enjoyed its exclusive chassis, and retained the V12 from which Lamborghini had made its name since the 1960’s. But the dramatic step up in quality was obvious to all who saw the Murcielago at the world introductions - particularly the assembly quality, where the powerful influence of VW Group leader Ferdinand Piech made a big impact.

That lower tolerance for build quality variation continued with the Aventador. Critically, while the build quality is better executed, the character remains. The thoroughly modern manufacturing techniques make a difference even for a hand-built car, as parts are simply designed with the tighter tolerances that leave less to chance in the build process. 

This Aventador’s “S'' designation is indicative of a factory suite of upgrades carried out by Lamborghini. Along with an upgrade in power, it comes equipped with an adaptive suspension featuring four selectable modes - named Lamborghini Dinamica Veicolo Attiva, or LDVA for short - to allow finer tuning of the car’s ride compliance on varying surfaces. It also included ceramic brakes as standard, and redesigned aero management with larger splitter and rear diffusers, the 'S' represented a subtle comprehensive improvement of the handling with increased downforce at higher speeds for better stability.

The seller states that this Aventador has a Lamborghini factory warranty through June of 2025, an option purchased for €12.000, or about $12,933 USD based on current exchange rates.

The impressive specification of this Aventador includes many AD Personam program individual option selctions. These options include:

  • Black springs with lifting system
  • Engine cover in polycarbonate
  • Wheel cap with Lamborghini logo
  • Pillars and windscreen frames in leather
  • Anti-theft system
  • Tailpipes in matte black
  • Embroidered Lamborghini shield on headrest
  • Rear view camera and parking sensors
  • Stitching for Arancio Leonis orange
  • Internal standard stitching
  • DRL without switch
  • Carpets and floor mats in black
  • Electronically controlled rear spoiler with manual activation
  • Rear axle with RR axle steering function
  • Instrument scoop in leather
  • Fuel tank 83L
  • Visibility and light package
  • Front bumper with shiny black details
  • Dashboard in leather with S-Trim
  • Rear bench and sill cover inner parts in leather
  • Transparent engine bonnet
  • On-board computer
  • Center console in leather
  • Facelift
  • Navigation system
  • Dianthus forged 20/21 shiny black with black central lock
  • Branding pack with Lamborghini shield embroidered leather
  • S-Trim with full leather cabin upgrade
  • DAB Radio
  • Start/Stop system
  • Stitching on steering wheel
  • Orange brake calipers
  • Sportivo interior bicolor leather
  • Interior carbon fiber package
  • Interior details in shiny black
  • Hardtop in Alcantara
  • Bi-xenon headlights
  • X-frame painted in shiny black
  • Lamborghini Dynamic Steering
  • Multifunction steering wheel
  • Electric seats
  • Seat heating

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