1987 Porsche 930 Turbo


  • Sonderswunsch example in Indian Red over extended black leather
  • 3.3 liter air-cooled turbocharged flat-six boxer engine, 282 hp
  • Matching numbers for body and drivetrain
  • Odometer shows approximately 41,000 miles from new

Technical Data

VIN: WP0JB0937HS050373
Seller Type:
Private Party
Indian Red
Bovenden, Germany
40,995 Miles
3.3L, Turbocharged Flat-Six
Vehicle Make / Model:
Porsche 930 Turbo
300 hp
Transmission Model:
4-Speed Manual
Drive Orientation:


There are an almost incomprehensible array of companies that specialize in the modification of the venerable Porsche 911. To put an even finer point on it, there are countless *good* companies that specialize in reworking the iconic German coupe. The reasons go beyond just the steady popularity of the model over the last seven decades, and speak loudly about the innate durability of the model. The 911 has earned the reputation as an engineering triumph, always built to a higher standard than strictly necessary, which lends itself well to tuning companies looking to push the performance without breaking the car. Whatever changes a tuner or builder throws at it, the 911 thrives under the added pressure.

Then, there’s the added level of fondness/fervor for the original air cooled 911 formula. For a lot of long time enthusiasts, that moment in the late 1990’s when Porsche went from air- to water-cooled engines was practically life-altering - in the interest of emissions complaints and power development, Porsche leaving the aircooled engine behind had many Porschephiles feeling left behind as well. So even as the newer 911’s have continued to improve with each generation and update, the fanaticism for the older models have increased at an even faster rate.

And, with fanaticism comes the unrelenting commitment to evaluating the tiniest changes that existed from year to year. Some fans will HAVE to tell you why a certain year of 911 is the best, or what changes were wrought from one to the next, and nothing gets the crowd murmuring when a 911 is made to a special specification from the factory.

This 930 earns its attention as a uniquely optioned Turbo. Sonderswunsch has always catered to buyers of new Porsches that wanted to make their car a singular example right from the factory. This 930 is interesting as it has a lot of the steel wider body effects usually included with Slant Nose Turbos, while retaining the pontoon fenders and upright headlights of the standard body. That makes this 930 a rare opportunity for the real Porsche enthusiast, and a great addition to any collection.

This is a 1987 Porsche 930 (911) Turbo is finished in Indian Red (code L80K) over a black leather interior. It is powered by an aircooled, 3.3 liter turbocharged boxer 6 cylinder engine with 282 hp, running power to the rear wheels through a four-speed manual transmission.

This is a U.S. specification 930 Turbo, originally registered in Massachusetts, and is a Special Requests Program example, also known as Sonderswunsch, Porsche’s bespoke in-house customization department. Factory customization includes a full body kit of steel construction, including a deeper larger front air dam, wider door sills leading to the extra wide rear fenders with fender mounted air intakes, and extended leather in the interior.

As a US spec example, it is equipped with a speedometer that reads in MPH not KPH, and a catalytic converter, option code CO2. Other options include 158 Blaupunkt Reno SQR 46 (option 158), Limited slip differential 40% (220), alarm system (533), and electric sunroof (650).

This 930 was imported to Germany in 2015. It is still titled in the United States. Paperwork includes proof of EU import taxes, owners manual and instruction booklet, and the service booklet. Extra Fuchs and a spare wheel came with this 930, and are available from the seller.

This Turbo comes from a large private collection in Germany, where it is currently garaged. 

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